When I think of the south, it’s this sort of scene I have in mind. Snow capped peaks piercing clouds under vivid blue skies. Land so imposing that it commands not just your attention, but your time. I could sit outside and just watch the clouds roll past for hours. Peaceful and still as the [...]

A Personal Craft

“I think we say a lot about who we are through our work. It’s such a personal thing. Taking pictures. It really is. It’s an incredibly personal craft. It’s something that… is hard to share sometimes. But, if you aren’t sharing your work… what are you doing? Ya know?” — Chris Burkard I’ve been really [...]

The Best Camera

The best camera is the one you have with you. It’s an old saying and one that was again popularised more recently by Chase Jarvis. Locked in a perpetual battle between a desire to shoot more often and the inability to cart around my bulky, heavy, conspicuous DSLR, I’m trying to make a change. It [...]


I’m sitting in my hotel room on the last night of my visit. The rain has started to pelt down outside and I’m content to sit by the heater. It’s now officially over – although the alarm is set to check the skies for one last potential sunrise. In celebration I’ve flopped on the couch [...]

Lord of the Flies

I’m moving on today. Having spent my last night in Wanaka and travelled up both the East and West arms of the lake (and beyond), I decide that today is going to be a bit more relaxing. No sunrise this morning, a leisurely checkout and then breakfast somewhere new. On my previous, brief visits, I [...]